Christian Identities

What we do proceeds from who we are (our identity) or in other words, function follows form. Knowing who you are is absolutely vital. We are “who we are because of who he (Jesus) is and what he has done.”   

Therefore, we see in the scriptures five basic Christian Identities...

  1. Worshiper- means we ascribe ultimate worth to God the Father in spirit and truth and having no other gods or idols before Him.
  2. Family-  means we have believed in Christ as Savior and become a child of God. Therefore, we are not born into God’s family, nor are we a part by blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man. We become family but only of God. 
  3. Missionary- means we are sent on mission by Jesus as witnesses and ambassadors with the message of reconciliation, in order to make disciples of all nations, to the end of the earth, for our joy, for the good of others and for the glory and renown of our God and King.
  4. Servant- means we follow Jesus’ example  by humbling ourselves, thinking of others more highly than ourselves and loving others as ourselves without conditions , and by giving at our own expense, deny ourselves, and laying down our life.
  5. Disciple- means knowing Jesus and following Jesus by obeying his commands by grace, love others as we have been loved and bringing others to Him.