• Marc Herron Lead Pastor

    Marc has been serving at Caro First Baptist since September 2002. He married his wife Amanda (Rendon) in December of 2002. They have four children: Paige, Luke, Johanna, & Owen.

    Education: Clarks Summit University (B.S. in Bible & Youth Ministry, 2000), Moody Theological Seminary (2011-2012), Clarks Summit University (M.A. [concentration in counseling], 2015)

    Experience: 19 years of pastoral experience in New York and Michigan.

  • Chris Howard Student Pastor


    Chris has been serving at Caro First Baptist since June 2014. He married his wife Julie (Skelton) in September of 2014. They welcomed their first child Mackenzie Mae in May of 2018.

    Education: Baptist Bible College now Clarks Summit University (Bachelor's Degree in Bible & Camp Ministry 2011) He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Pastoral Ministries at Baptist Bible Seminary.

    Experience: 11 years of pastoral ministry experience in Michigan in addition to more than 20 years of summer camp ministry experience.