• Marc Herron Lead Pastor

    Marc has been serving at Caro First Baptist since September 2002. He married his wife Amanda (Rendon) in December of 2002. They have four children: Paige, Luke, Johanna, & Owen.

    Education: Clarks Summit University (B.S. in Bible & Youth Ministry, 2000), Moody Theological Seminary (2011-2012), Clarks Summit University (M.A. [concentration in counseling], 2015).

    Experience: 20 years of pastoral experience in New York and Michigan.

  • Chris Howard Student Pastor


    Chris has been serving at Caro First Baptist since June 2014. He married his wife Julie (Skelton) in September of 2014. They have a two year old daughter Mackenzie Mae and are expecting a baby boy in January.

    Education: Baptist Bible College now Clarks Summit University (Bachelor's Degree in Bible & Camp Ministry 2011). He is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Pastoral Ministries at Baptist Bible Seminary.

    Experience: 12 years of pastoral ministry experience in Michigan in addition to more than 20 years of summer camp ministry experience.