Teachers: Mike Radecki & Jeff Barrons

    Location: Rm. 101

  • Cornerstone Class

    Teacher: John Forshee

    Location: Fellowship Hall

  • Keystone Class

    Teachers: Mike Tharp & Teddy Herron

    Location: Auditorium

Young at Heart is a ministry to and of adults age 65 and up. Many of our group have faithfully served in the church for 30+ years, and though they may have retired from their professions, they have certainly not retired from ministering. Our Young at Heart Ministry encourages you to continue in ministry by offering regular fellowship with other senior adults and mentoring opportunities with younger generations. You will find these members enthusiastically serving in almost every area of the church from the nursery to outreach. Young at Heart is also enthusiastic about activities and travel. They enjoy local events, such as concerts, sporting events, color tours, and much more.