FBC KID's Ministry

Our desire is to equip the children at First Baptist with a growing faith in Jesus Christ and a heart to share His love with others. By partnering with parents, we seek to teach children about the life-changing love of Christ and how it applies to their lives. It is our hope that children will not only grasp the message of God's love for themselves, but understand how important it is to share that message with those around them as well.


Sunday | 9:30am-12pm

Our Nursery Ministry exists to provide a safe, loving, and enjoyable environment for children, ranging from 1 day to 24 months old, so parents may freely participate in other church ministries.


We provide Sunday morning programs for children of all ages.

Ages 2&3 Rm. 203  |  Ages 4-Kdg Rm. 201  |  Grades 1-3 Rm. 202  |  Grades 4-6 Rm. 103


Ages 2&3 Rm. 203  |  Ages 4-Kdg Rm. 201  |  10:30am-12pm

Grades 1-3 Rm. 202 | **Dismissed from morning service.


September - April | 6:15-7:45pm

CUBBIES Ages 3 - 5 | SPARKIES Grades K - 2 | T&T Grades 3 - 6

AWANA is an international Bible-centered children's ministry providing local churches with weekly clubs and programs for preschool through 6th grade. Our goal is to reach children and their families with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. This is done through scripture memorization, lessons taught during council time, and game time.

The name AWANA comes as an acronym from the first five words of its key verse

2 Timothy 2:15, Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.